About Our C.E.O

Adedayo , 23,  lives on the one philosophy that we are all designed to live a thriving life regardless of our backgrounds, resources available, locations or anything we might feel as an existing barrier to rising above our status Quo.


She is a goal-getter, a dreamer and a visioneer who began university in the U.S at age fifteen and has kept pursuing her dreams. She graduated the youngest at nineteen in psychology and has a minor in Chemistry. She has gained years of experience of working in the mental health field as a behavioral specialist since graduation and through that has learned a ton about human behavior, what it takes to make lifestyle changes and sustain them.


In her quest to live a healthier lifestyle and with the urging desire to make a difference in helping others live better as well, she went to largest nutrition school in the world, “Institute of Integrative Nutrition New York City” and graduated as a certified Health Coach. She says, “it is the best decision she ever made”, because that education has helped her to transform her own life to the vibrant world of living healthier and more consciously, and her enthusiasm to help other experience similar is what birth her innovative company LifestyleWellbeing LLC.


She is also a creative writer and a regular lifestyle contributor for,, and the famous ESPN of wellness industry, She also regularly publishes on her own site. She’s written on tips for living a healthier life, to talks on creativity, freedom, meditation, body image, eating disorders and more.


She is working towards becoming a published author. She says her life’s mission is to use her creativity to light up others into being more creative, innovative and inspired. She hopes to make a positive difference gearing people to embrace consciousness, mindfulness and healthy living.