How do you feel on Saturday mornings? Grateful? Happy? Lonely? Wishful? Apprehensive? Content ? Excited? ….

Consciously check In with self and begin by making small changes to create moments that give you the feeling you would rather to prefer…

Cooking, bubble bath, phone calls to lovers, French music, dancing


naked, home movies, journaling, nature walks barefoot, morning run, champagne popping mid-day, music while painting , pj ‘s all day +snacking on berries, lounging in sexy wear netflixing, red lipstick in the house, spontaneous road trip with friends, going out to dine, cafe lounging, hotel swimming day just for you, personal spa day, house feng-shui , craft booking, shopping for new sexy underwear to adorn your Goddess body, nature photographing, movie date solo early morning, breakfast in a luxurious restaurant just because…, and let’s not forget Sleep! you’ve worked a lot during the week, sleep on saturday is a good way to feel rejuvenated, sleep playing soft music in the background, engage in some meditation and deep breathing relaxation exercises to ease you into a more restful state….

Check in with yourself every weekend! How are you feeling and how can you spice up your weekend in a more mindful and connected way!

what other weekend ideas do you wellbeing lovers have? Xo

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