Zen Lifestyle Retreat

LifestyleWellbeing is proud to partner up with wellness company ” Journey to Your Wellness” to host a “Zen Lifestyle Retreat”

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Join a group of extraordinary coaches and teachers to add breadth and depth to your practice of self-care and well-being. This retreat is designed with you, your lifestyle and your overall wellbeing in mind. A relaxing get-away from your daily stress into a zen atmosphere. At this retreat, you will get to reboot your body and your mind.

Your health is priceless; your wellness is perhaps the most important thing in life.  lifestylewellbeing and our  partner company Journey to Your Wellness, strive to help you understand how important health, wellness, and self-care should be to you. This is a warm, inviting place for you to come and learn without judgment.

When:                  Friday August 8th through Sunday August 10th, 2014

Where:                 Abigail Stuart House in Olympia, Washington


      • Friday night, join us for a welcome reception with hors d’oeuvres and meet the J2W crew as well as the other participants that will be on this journey with you!
      • Classes centered around health and wellness will run all day Saturday and Sunday.
      • Short and effective fitness classes to get our bodies moving (Yoga, Zumba, Body Movement and a fun basic beginner Salsa lesson with dancing to follow!).
      • Wonderfully prepared local, organic meals (Friday hors d’oeuvres, lunch and dinner on Saturday, brunch and dinner on Sunday).
      • A smoothie bar with fresh organic ingredients is provided for breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning.
      • Healthy “fast-food” snacks are also included at all times for your indulgence.
      • See our website for the current list of wellness workshops.

All of this is available to you, but you are not required to attend any of the classes/events/meals.  Pick and choose those things that you are most interested in, or enjoy them all!

This will be a time for you to create a space to learn more about what health means for you, and how to incorporate it. Use this weekend to finally get back in touch with yourself – you deserve it. Make the investment to reground, meet some new friends, and learn what it means for you to be healthy again!

Welcome reception and hors d’oeuvres will be served Friday at 5:30 pm to kick start the events for the weekend. See below for instructions on how to register!

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The three main goals of this retreat are:
1) Wellness Education. Our array of teachers and coaches will take you on a self-paced practical journey to learn the basics of nutrition, mind and body detoxing, relaxation techniques to reduce stress, and practical self-care tools you can take along with you upon leaving the retreat so you can practice on your own. Also, expect to have lots of fun during this classes, we have designed this classes to be hands-on and very engaging, you will get connected to like-minded individuals from a fun salsa class, to meditation and yoga class, to healthy cooking class and more.
2) Cleanse and Detoxing. At this retreat, expect to eat only foods that will detox and cleanse your body from the summer sugar you might have indulged in. Expect to leave this retreat glowing.
3) Zen/ Relaxation and Clarity. This retreat is a perfect time for you to refine your goals, recalibrate or re-strategize your plans. Evaluate what changes you need to may need to make in your life, relationships, career, etc., and through a vision book or board that you will make before you leaving, you should leave in excitement about what’s ahead of you. Expect to achieve more clarity in your lifestyle areas. The beautiful scenery, lake by the venue and natural breeze will put you in a zen mode and inspire you.